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Editorial Press Department

Editorial Press Department

1.1. prepares for publication "Chronicle of periodical and continuing publications", "Chronicle of newspaper articles", "Chronicle of journal articles", "Kazakhstanika", "Book chronicle", "Chronicle of reviews". According to the publications of the Book Chamber, the libraries of our country will be informed about the release of printed products in the republic. The Department is responsible for the timely release of all bibliographic indexes.

1.2. In accordance with the objectives, RIO performs the following functions:

- formation of annual and prospective thematic plans for the publication of literature based on the analysis of the availability of literature in accordance with the procedure established in the Book Chamber with the editorial and publishing House of the Book Chamber;

- prepress preparation of planned manuscripts: proofreading, editing, production of original layouts, referral to the PSGA printing house;

- control over the review of manuscripts and the preparation of accompanying documentation 

- organization of control over the quality of the content of published literature, its printing performance, compliance with publishing and printing GOST standards;

- methodological and advisory work on the issues of literature production;

- conducting an analysis of the effectiveness of the use of the main circulation of publications (the total circulation after the withdrawal of mandatory copies), transferred to them for free provision of the educational process (for publications paid from the state budget);

- definition of the technology of the editorial and publishing process;

- participation in the formation of the structure of the publishing division;

- participation in the organization of staff training;

- organization of book exchange, participation in book exhibitions and competitions;

- control over the distribution and distribution of mandatory copies (16 copies – the Book Chamber; 5 copies – the Regional, Regional Youth and University libraries, 2 copies-the RIO archive-for publications that have been pre-printed in RIO and provided with an ISBN purchased by the university, regardless of the source of funding; 1 copy-the RIO archive - for publications published by the university staff in other publishing houses).

- preparation of operational and statistical reports on publishing activities in accordance with the established procedure;

– in the case of printing works performed by third-party printing houses - preparation of documentation and conducting a request for quotations.
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Selection of books-2022
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